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We generate organic traffic for your school in the most important segment.

ProVisit provides you with the technology and helps your student prospects see your school, keeping it top of mind and increasing your presence and branding in the mobile segment.

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Engagement that works for everyone.

Our vision is simple: to provide a platform where prospective students can find what interests them, achieving high retention and providing decisive elements when making a decision. ProVisit uses a user interface designed to increase interaction time with your school's brand.

Personal relevance guides us.

We strive to match the campus, educational offerings, and services you provide with the interests and intentions of your prospects. Our intelligent technology delivers industry-leading results at the price you choose, with both organic and paid options.

We provide an organic foundation and optional user acquisition campaigns to help you achieve real results. In app stores, we show your ads within brand-safe content while offering transparency and control to users.

We also have integrated privacy features to ensure prospects feel secure when interacting with your school.


ProVisit easily and natively integrates with your existing CRM and multimedia content, including photographs, videos, virtual tours, informational brochures, digital magazines, PDFs, descriptions, YouTube channels, social media, web pages, surveys, forms, web tools, WhatsApp Business, and payment portals, among many other options.

The system allows you to manage and modify content in real time for all users, from your dashboard.

ProVisit provides your prospects with closing elements, substantially increasing your brand's presence during the educational institution selection period.





Why should your school have its own mobile application?


It facilitates and enhances communication. When we get home from work, we no longer open our computers; we check everything we're interested in through our mobile devices. Mobile apps streamline the distribution of information between the school and prospective students. Additionally, it fosters a sense of belonging; students will have campus information, event details, admissions information, news, videos, documents, etc. at their fingertips.

Furthermore, the app can be customized to fit the school's needs, allowing for the integration of specific modules. For example, user registration, private area, directory, multimedia content manager, training, PDF links, event list, social media integration, calendar, RSS news feed, contact information, image and video gallery, virtual tours, 3D content, radio station, etc. A 100% customizable app that is flexible and adaptable to any type of school.

The app allows for real-time communication of information regarding sports events and extracurricular activities that require multiple sources of multimedia content. Instantaneity is key for mobile marketing, and your website cannot provide it.

The admission request rate, conversion rates, and response rates multiply thanks to ProVisit.

The focus of inbound marketing for schools is to create and offer multimedia content that directly appeals to your specific audience. By creating an inbound strategy, you attract potential students, their families, and their friends who are directly within your school's target market.

Inbound marketing represents an excellent opportunity for your school to strengthen its advertising and attraction goals, efficiently leveraging a mobile environment. The new generations of students appreciate intelligent strategies and inspiring content, while parents remain loyal to schools that have not fallen behind in keeping up with the latest trends and technological innovations regarding their children.

Investing in inbound marketing means ensuring an increase in student enrollment and retention for your school.

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